Friday, 18 December 2009

Book Cover

Obviously, the direction that I ended up taking the project moved away from cover design and towards producing images based on a theme. I decided to frame my final three images. It seemed the appropriate way to treat them - I imagined them being like the sort of things that Alice would have passed mid-air on her way down the rabbit hole. But I would also have wanted them to be displayed so that a viewer could contemplate their origins. I wonder if they would make the connection? However I thought I should have a go at making a cover with my images, especially since these are illustrations that should go alongside text and accentuate its imaginative possibilities. I think my teapot image signifies Alice and her wonderland quite well and when put in the context of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' is like a wink to the reader who knows at least the basic story and the associated imagery and would hopefully be amused by my take on it. Making a cover also allowed me to use my exploding pocket watch image that didn't work very well with colour, but was quite strong in black and white. I think this communicates the chaotic, warped nature of time in the wonderland as well as being a major signifier of Alice and her quest for the white rabbit.

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