Friday, 18 December 2009

Down the rabbit hole...

So far, I had tried to go for a balance between hand drawn elements and collage. I was particularly happy with the way Alice's hair had turned out and had also given her converses and a simple blue dress. Every image I've ever seen of Alice has her wearing a blue dress - that and blonde hair are signifiers of her really, so I thought I'd stick with that.
Then I moved on to photoshopping - to create the 'rabbit hole', however abstract - but it was really hard going. I didn't want the images to be too flat, or to 'steal' too much with my collage. I failed miserably on both counts. The last image was the closest I got. I liked the dark, multi-faceted look of the collage. The continued flatness I had to put down to the nature of collage full stop - its unavoidable, but the images can still have character and continuity, which thus far had evaded me. Here are my many attempts to get the sentiment right with Alice's fall down the rabbit hole.

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